Land Clearing Services

Land clearing is an essential step in preparing a property for residential or commercial use. Removing trees, brush, stumps, or other obstacles not only prepares the land for construction equipment and heavy-duty vehicles but also creates a safer working environment by reducing debris and trip hazards. Land clearing may also be needed to improve the property’s aesthetic by removing the large or unsightly rocks and trees.

The Land Clearing Process

At OuterElements Tree Services division, we provide quality land clearing, grading, and lot clearing services in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas. Our professional team is equipped with the vehicles and equipment for clearing and removal projects of all sizes, from bulldozing sites to stump grinding and removal. We also provide preventative and emergency tree services to address and remove hazardous materials if an accident occurs on your property.

Land clearing for residential construction or commercial use may seem simple, but it is a scientific process that requires landscape professionals’ knowledge, experience, and equipment. The soil must be healthy and stable to ensure the land is safe to build on and use. During the excavation process, different materials, such as vegetation, soils, and roots are moved, which can significantly impact the condition of the soil. Disrupting the soil stability can make it unsuitable for supporting a construction project and may lead to drainage issues on the land.

At OuterElements Tree Services division, we operate according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations to ensure the safety of construction workers on the cleared land. Some sites may need treatment, rehabilitation, and testing to ensure it is ready for construction work.

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What We Do

As a client-centric business, we work to the customer’s precise needs, incorporating your input. Some of the most common tasks involved in land clearing include shrub and brush removal, mulching, cutting down and hauling trees, excavating rocks, filling holes, leveling cleared hills, stump grinding, and more. After construction is completed on-site, we can perform regular maintenance to ensure the property is safe and in good condition.

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