North Atlanta Residential Tree Services

Trees are a natural way to add color and character to a garden. Whether your backyard is decorated with an old red oak, a bright sugar maple, or any other species of tree, careful maintenance and regular lawn care are critical to maintaining safe, healthy, and beautiful trees and shrubs.

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Failing to stay on top of tree maintenance can result in rapidly declining tree health. In addition to detracting from your curb appeal, dying trees are a major safety hazard.

Trees can be a nuisance on your property despite their beauty, particularly if you plan to build an extension, renovate, or add a new patio or decking. When dealing with an awkward tree, problematic roots, or heavy branches, it’s important to seek expert help from a professional tree removal service.

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OuterElements Residential Tree Services Division

At OuterElements, our dedicated tree services division carries out a wide range of specialist work, from emergency tree removal to regular maintenance, such as trimming and pruning. Known locally for our excellent service and quality, we serve the Atlanta region and surrounding areas, including Roswell, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and Milton.

Our team of certified arborists is highly trained and skilled. With years of experience working in Atlanta, GA, we can complete the most challenging tasks. If you’re looking for a reliable tree services provider, OuterElements is your go-to company.

As a local business, we are customer-focused and fully committed to providing exceptional work. Our full-service tree services are tailored to the individual project so that we can exceed your expectations.

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OuterElements Tree Services

In addition to Atlanta tree removal and tree health care, we run a fully serviced garden center, ensuring we have quality materials on hand to provide comprehensive work. Some of the key tree services we offer include:

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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning help keep your trees in shape year-round. It also prevents overgrowth, insect, or rodent infestations and improves tree safety in a storm or heavy winds. If your trees are prone to disease, regular pruning can stem the spread and promote healthy growth.

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Tree Removal

Whether a large tree has become a danger to your home, you’re planning a construction project, or you’re giving your garden a new look, the OuterElements Tree Service Division can safely remove trees of all sizes. Tree removal is a challenging task that requires expertise and specialist equipment. Avoid risks by hiring us to address problematic trees.

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Stump Grinding

If you’re planning an outdoor home improvement project, you may need our stump grinding services to ensure the ground is suitable for construction work. Avoid leaving tree stumps for too long as they not only attract pests and insects but are also trip hazards.

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Emergency Storm Services

Our emergency storm services can help you if your property is damaged or in danger due to the effects of a storm. Our skilled staff can remove felled trees or broken branches from your property even if they become entangled with electricity wires.

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Other Services

Some other essential services we provide include:

  • Wood chips
  • Land clearing
  • Crane services
  • Insurance claim adjustments

OuterElements: Local Tree Removal Company

As a local company, we offer high-quality tree services in the metro Atlanta area. Contact the OuterElements Tree Service Division for tree care, maintenance, removal, and emergency services.

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