Great Landscaping Designs - Even on a Budget

Everyone dreams of making their home look like a picturesque abode. To make it look beautiful, you can look through different landscaping designs to help make your small backyards or spaces look amazing.

Atlanta is home to some beautifully manicured homes that look exceptionally gorgeous with just a few tweaks.

Many people shy away from implementing landscape architecture designs because they are too costly. However, there are many different designs that you can use without breaking the bank. Let's take a look at some landscape designs that will be the perfect fit for your home in Metro Atlanta:


Landscaping Design and Ideas With In Your Budget

Whether it is backyard design or small front yard landscaping ideas, you can turn your home into an aesthetic haven if you utilize your budget correctly.

Native Tree Plantations

If you like a little bit of wilderness and have the soul of a wanderer, then this landscape design would be the best fit for you. You can look for landscape architecture services that offer tree removal to remove your current trees, allowing you to plant new ones. A hint of the wilderness in your outdoor space can be the best way to unwind after a week of hard work.

Flower Wall Decor

Many people want to enjoy the therapeutic feeling of taking a bath under the sky. To amplify the joy of an outdoor shower, you can invest in flower wall decor.

You can plant pleasant-smelling flowers along your shower walls to breathe their pleasant aroma each time you take a bath. If you contact a tree trimming service, they can help your flower plants look manicured and primed to perfection.

Thick Hedges

Do you have a backyard? Well then, thick hedges can help you separate the area and set up a seating area. This can be a wonderful addition to your living space as you can host tea parties with your friends and make the most of lovely evenings.

Overgrown Trees

Planting massive dramatic trees can give your backyard the look of an estate. If you don't have dramatic trees in your backyard at the moment, you can get tree removal services and ask them to get rid of all the trees so that you can plant some new ones. Tall bushy trees should be your preference.

Dining Areas

One of the best small backyard landscape ideas is incorporating a dining area in your backyard. It does not have to be luxurious, but you can recycle different parts of the trees you cut down to decorate the dining area.

When you get wood chips and tree services, you can ask the service providers to leave the tree chunks and stumps behind to create your very own wooden makeshift furniture.

Garden Shed

Most backyard ideas include using a garden shed that you can add to give your home a dreamy feel. A garden shed can be floral or have leaves that pave the entrance to your home.

Poolside Cottage

Pool landscaping ideas include a poolside cottage to elevate the aesthetic of your home. Pool owners are often looking for ways to make their pools look beautiful. Stump grinding can help you smooth out the area and give your poolside cottage a rugged look.


Think about the cold winter nights and imagine just all the possibilities that you can explore to make them more comfortable in your garden design. Your garden design can include fire pits along with a backyard pool to enjoy complete luxury.




These great landscaping ideas can all be manifested into reality if you reach out to the right experts. Contact OuterElements Landscape Architecture Team today and let us help you paint the picture of a dreamy landscape.

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